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I am a creator/ producer/ brother/ Aquarius living out his 23-year old life in Southern California. I love bass music, dancing my heart out, exploring the outdoors, laughing till it hurts, and traveling the world. I was born in Providence, Rhode Island, and grew up traveling down to rural North Carolina with my family on long road trips. 

I spend most of my time watching tutorials and reading up on new ways to create in a variety of different mediums. I am a firm believer in the saying: "an idle mind is the Devil's workshop" and like to stay busy creating illustrations, visual pieces, and music when time allows. 

I am a true believer that everything that happens in life is a part of your continued journey and each experience should be taken as a stepping stone. I believe we should be thankful for each day and treat each interaction like it's our last. I work best in collaborative situations and love combining efforts with other like-minded individuals to create something better than we originally conceived. My purpose and passion in life are to create and connect with others. 

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